Sports betting solution

Highly flexible and reliable.

Designed to facilitate sportsbook operations, our in-house sports betting solution gives operators greater control and flexibility over their product. Through a simple integration, you can equip your sportsbook with a unique product, hosted and managed by our team of experienced professionals.



70 000+


3 000+


US-ready product, fit to North America

US-ready product, fit to North America

Maximise profits

Casino and sports go hand-by-hand, don't miss out on an opportunity to expand the reach of your business

Risk management

A clear strategy for preventing betitng fraud, GDPR, and responsible gambling

Take what you need

Customise and manage your platform without the need of constant assistance

eSports live stream video and visuals

Football live stream and statistics

Jackpot functionality

Fast markets

Exotic markets

Multi-Currency and adjustable exchange rates

Easy to navigate customer database

Partial and complete cashout

Data analytics

All sports

Live and pre-match odds

Our partners and clients

Our partners and clients