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A multi-awarded eSports betting product that will provide your sportsbook with unprecedented number of games, prematch and live market odds

eSports product ODDS.GG is the company’s revolutionary eSports betting product offering pre-match and live market odds. It has been used by hundreds of iGaming professionals and organizations worldwide. ODDS.GG is a multi-awarded eSports product. Since its release, ODDS.GG has been upgraded several times reaching the widest coverage on competitive games on the market right now.


For the past couple of years, UltraPlay built enough competence and experience to claim its leadership role in eSports. The main difference between regular sports and eSports is the audience. Esports is the future of gaming as the generation Y highly prefers eSports to any other sport. The gaming industry is quite behind and needs to step up in order to engage with this totally new audience and take advantage of this opportunity.


Through UltraPlay’s ODDS.GG, sportsbooks can finally have a quality eSports offering that is capable of meeting the requirements and needs of the brand new Millennial audience.



Widest selection of competitive games.


pre-match events monthly
Striving to provide the quickest and best prices. The number of events expands as quick as the whole eSports scene.


live events monthly
Dedicated eSports traders provide the largest variety of events on all the games.


Extravagant selection of markets created with the mindset of a gamer.
Games we cover:
Some of the tournaments we cover:

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