UltraPlay – the real leader in eSports

Sportsbooks are turning their eyes on eSports. It is the new revenue stream opportunity. Even though eSports holds high betting potential, sportsbooks are failing to get on board.

Our strength lies in our ability to constantly innovate, and bring our product to new heights. In UltraPlay, we love new technologies, and throughout the years, we have established ourselves as pioneers in emerging sectors.

The lack of understanding and expertise in this new gaming environment is what makes the betting industry somehow reluctant to join. eSports engages qualitatively new audience that requires different approach and means of communication. Lack of mathematical models and absence of experienced eSports traders lead to impossibility for operators to provide reliable market coverage with a variety of in-play odds. That is why sportsbooks will need reliable eSports partners to boost their results. Two things are certain:

Growth in eSports betting is inevitable!

Growth is only possible with a reliable eSports partner!

Why UltraPlay eSports?

  • UltraPlay eSports holds exclusive rights for most if not all eSports tournaments and communicates with numerous organizations enabling us and our traders to have a cutting edge advantage in live odds provision
  • UltraPlay eSports StartUps and consultancy - UltraPlay provides advances sportsbook solutions and consultancy to eSports sportsbook startups. Sportsbook

Traditional bookmaking in eSports is impossible. With over 500 in-play variables for some of the games, statistical and mathematical models fail to get the full picture. UltraPlay eSports created unique approach by combining traditional sportsbook techniques with innovative game analysis. This evolution in bookmaking gave us the edge needed to address this emerging market. Our designated eSports traders team provide the widest eSports market coverage, highest number of pre-match odds and unprecedented number of in-play markets.

With UltraPlay eSports solution your sportsbook is ready to meet the new wave of Millennial punters!


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The real leader in eSports