Thursday July 23, 2020

Mario Ovcharov UltraPlay CEO

“Esports is not just a product, it’s a whole ecosystem”

(Exclusive interview).- UltraPlay CEO Mario Ovcharov speaks to Focus Gaming News about esports and the company’s next steps.

All eyes turned to esports for a period during the current pandemic but one company that has been there all along is UltraPlay, which has a wealth of experience in esports data and betting solutions.

“For us, esports has been a thing since 2014,” CEO Mario Ovcharov says.

Ovcharov told Focus Gaming News he expects esports to now coexist more visibly alongside traditional sports as operators look to expand their portfolios to avoid relying on limited betting markets that are open to disruption.

“Operators are going to want a larger portfolio of products.”

Mario Ovcharov, Chief Executive Officer at UltraPlay.

He welcomed the recent growth in interest in esports but emphasises that the talent and skills involved in esports should not be underestimated.

“Esports is not just a product, it’s a whole community and ecosystem.”

Mario Ovcharov, Chief Executive Officer at UltraPlay.

He said: “Esports is a thing on its own. They’re very different,” but he believes the interest from sports bettors can be long-term.

“At the end of the day it’s another sport with teams playing against each other,” he added.

While noting that Europe and North America remain the main target markets for esports, he said that South America is an up-and-coming market.

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UltraPlay, a leading provider of betting solutions, is at the forefront of transforming the iGaming industry with its Sportsbook betting iFrame solution.