Esports iFrame Integration

A seamless merge of casino and Esports.

Our approach is straightforward yet powerful, ensuring that operators can effortlessly integrate eSports into their existing business, offering a cohesive and accessible player experience.

Explore our two main integration options, eSports API and eSports iFrame, each with unique benefits tailored to your specific needs.

The Perfect Blend

At UltraPlay, we understand the intrinsic connection between casinos and Esports, recognizing the value they bring to each other. By offering both, operators can unlock a winning formula that boosts revenue and increases cross-project traffic.

Our focus is on creating a seamless player experience, ensuring your iGaming business stands out in a competitive market.

Effortless Integration Options

Recognizing the diversity of projects, UltraPlay provides two primary integration options, each with flexible set-up approaches.

Whether you're seeking Esports API, Esports iFrame, or an innovative integration via the UltraPlay Game Aggregator, our team is here to provide complete technical support, ensuring a smooth and successful iGaming journey.

Key Benefits You Can Expect

Key Benefits You Can Expect



Tailor the integration to match your brand identity and specific requirements.


Project Management:

Benefit from efficient project management, ensuring a seamless and timely integration process.


Unique Market Bonuses:

Stand out in the market with exclusive bonuses that captivate and retain players.


Risk Assessment and Management:

Mitigate risks effectively with our comprehensive risk assessment and management tools.

Esports API: Speed and Precision

Esports API: Speed and Precision

UltraPlay's Esports API integration

Experience unparalleled speed and technical excellence with UltraPlay's Esports API integration, setting a new standard as the swiftest and most seamlessly cohesive choice оn the market.

Embraced by our bookmakers, it effortlessly empowers them with hands-on control, positioning itself as the prime selection for those envisioning the launch of a dynamic sports betting enterprise. We guarantee a personalized and flawless journey for your players, adding an extra layer of distinction to your iGaming platform.

Benefits of Esports API:

Automation and Scalability:

Enjoy streamlined processes and scalable solutions for efficient operations.

Fast Market Entry:

Enter the market swiftly, seizing emerging opportunities without unnecessary delays.

Access to Bonus Features and Tools:

Unlock a comprehensive suite of bonus features and tools, enhancing the overall gaming experience for your players.

Esports iFrame: Tradition Meets Simplicity

Esports iFrame: Tradition Meets Simplicity

UltraPlay's Esports iFrame integration

Incorporating an iFrame solution to your iGaming platform stands as a time-tested and impactful strategy within the online gambling sector. This seamless integration meticulously adds the sportsbook as a distinct page on your brand's website, providing effortless access directly from the main page.

While presenting a remarkable degree of flexibility and expediting the launch process, it's important to note that this approach does require additional operator resources.

Advantages of Esports iFrame:

High Flexibility:

Enjoy a versatile solution with wide customization options to align with your brand identity.

Quick Launch:

Expedite your market entry without compromising on the quality of the player experience.

Experience the seamless integration of Esports into your iGaming business with UltraPlay. Our user-friendly solutions, are designed to elevate your gaming experience effortlessly.

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