Affiliate Platform

Your best interest is our priority.

Take charge of your affiliate programs with our comprehensive platform that seamlessly integrates tracking, reporting, and commission management all in one centralized place.

Designed with your profitability and success in mind, UltraPlay offers a solution tailored specifically to meet your professional needs and goals.

Empower Your Affiliate Programs with UltraPlay

Empower Your Affiliate Programs with UltraPlay

Commission Management System with Flexible Plans

  • Unleash the full potential of your affiliate programs with our robust commission management system.
  • Tailor your commission plans with flexibility, allowing you to adapt to changing market dynamics and strategic goals.

Unified Brand Management

  • Streamline your operations by bringing all your iGaming brands under one roof.
  • Enjoy the efficiency of managing multiple brands seamlessly within a unified platform, simplifying your affiliate program management.

Integrated Payment Processing

  • Simplify financial transactions with our integrated payment processing system.
  • Enhance transparency and reliability in managing payments to your affiliates, ensuring a seamless and secure financial ecosystem.

Custom UI for User-Friendly Experience

  • Navigate our platform effortlessly with a custom UI designed for a user-friendly experience.
  • Experience a seamless interface that facilitates ease of use, ensuring you are always in control of your affiliate programs.

UltraPlay's Affiliate
Solution – Effortless Integration

Integrating an affiliate program has never been this straightforward. With UltraPlay's affiliate solution, you effortlessly consolidate all processes connected to your affiliate relations. Here's why our platform stands out:

What Makes a Good Affiliate Management System

What Makes a Good Affiliate Management System

Top-Notch Manager Experience

Enjoy an expertly crafted system with a simple design, providing an intuitive interface to organize, manage, and create affiliate campaigns.

Our platform ensures a top-notch manager experience, optimizing your workflow for enhanced efficiency.


Tailor bonus systems and set incentive programs effortlessly to maximize the value of your partnerships.

Benefit from a flexible commission management system that adapts to your unique business goals.


Our user-friendly platform empowers you to adapt your promotional approaches, keeping your campaigns fresh and engaging.

Easily create and deploy different campaigns to diversify your marketing strategies.


Streamline your marketing efforts with a centralized hub that facilitates easy access to resources, ensuring effective marketing strategy.

Access everything from visuals to data – all conveniently in one place.

Your Gateway to Cultivating Thriving
Affiliate Programs

UltraPlay's iGaming Affiliate Platform is your gateway to cultivating thriving affiliate programs. Choose UltraPlay for an affiliate solution that prioritizes your success, offering the tools and features you need for seamless affiliate management. Elevate your affiliate programs with us – where simplicity meets excellence in the ever-evolving world of iGaming.

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Our partners and clients

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