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Easiest way to add sportsbetting to any brand.

All you need for launching your business online. Adopt our world-class sportsbook platform and solutions, made especially for your needs. Our mission is to bring out the best version of your sports product by offering a wide range of functionalities, cutting-edge betting technology and inovative concepts.

Restrict suspicious and risky punters

Remain in control by limitting bets and pre-commitments

Individual bonus systems

Reporting and analytics systems

Margin management systems

Seamless plug in Iframe Solution

Seamless plug in Iframe Solution

Through UltraPlay’s seamless plug in iFrame solution, you can get comprehensive sports and esports targeted products that allows you to enter sportsbetting with ease.

The iFrame solution provides the entire betting logic needed for processing bets on the most popular sports and/or eSports events. Moreover, it offers a wide range of betting markets attracting more players and elevating your sportsbook to the next level.

Our partners and clients

Our partners and clients