Turnkey Platform

Gain control. Remain secured.

Remain independent, while we only take charge of the software and its maintenance. Our innovative platform offers an impeccable user experience. The only thing we need from you is an incorporated company and an individual licence. Take full advantage of our gaming licence consulting and our integrated payments systems.

Through our platform, with a proven record of trustworthiness, you get access to a wide variety of features meant to boost your business’ efficiency and profit. Our extensive list of tools allows for an easy and in-depth management of your e-operations. Combine a casino platform with a Sportsbook solution to build the ultimate iGaming platform





5 000+






Player Account Management

Easily monitor and handle user registration, authentication and other account-related activities.

Content Management System

A fool-proof system for organizing gaming content - from slots to betting options, ensuring a diverse and engaging experience for players.

Sports management

Streamline the management of all sportsbook operations, odds, live match updates and events.


Easily create and manage any gaming related events, tournaments, and competitions, offering a wide assortment of choices for users to pick from.

Reporting System

Gather in one place all valuable data about player behavior, game performace and financial metrics, and enhance your decision making processes.

Bonus management

Gamify users' experience to improve retention rate and drive their engagement by administering various bonuses, promotions, and rewards.

Our extensive list of tools allows for an easy and in-depth management of your e-operations.

A comprehensive platform allowing operators to streamline their operations and drive business growth

Take advantage of a secure, integrated payment system, and provide users with unlimited international and local transactions

Manage turnover with an effective bonus system, with individual and group bonuses at the tip of your finger

3rd party integrations

3rd party integrations

Our partners and clients

Our partners and clients