Monday June 24, 2024


The Player Experience Reimagined: UltraPlay x ELITBET

UltraPlay, part of ODDS Group and a prominent player in the gaming technology sector, has strengthened its partnership with ELITBET, creating a more exciting and rewarding experience for players with gamified features, data-driven CRM, and a loyalty program that keeps players coming back for more.

The collaboration between UltraPlay and ELITBET is not just driving impressive growth for ELITBET, it’s setting new standard for player experience in iGaming market. In less than a year, ELITBET has managed to capture a significant market share through its partnership. Some of the key factors contributing to this rapid growth are State-of-the-Art Technology, Wide Market Coverage (extensive range of sports, events, and eSports), regulatory compliance, and scalability of UltraPlay.

Operating over 100 licensed gaming halls in Bulgaria, ELITBET is a key player in both online and land-based casino markets. The partnership with UltraPlay brings together advanced technology and a focus on quality, setting a high standard in the gaming industry.

UltraPlay’s comprehensive suite of solutions goes beyond just gamification. Our dynamic challenges, personalized achievements, and data-driven CRM system allow ELITBET to tailor marketing campaigns and optimize bonus structures for maximum impact. This, coupled with a player loyalty program, leaderboards, achievement badges, challenges, and rewards integrated across both online and physical platforms, ensures a consistent experience for all players.

ELITBET’s recent rebranding has strengthened its market presence, attracting new players and retaining existing ones. As Mario Ovcharov, CEO of UltraPlay, states, “This partnership showcases the power of our technology to drive growth for operators.”

Looking to boost player engagement and loyalty at your own casino? UltraPlay’s solutions, as showcased by the success of the ELITBET partnership, can help you achieve just that. With our comprehensive suite of tools and proven track record, UltraPlay can be your one-stop shop for maximizing player value.


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