Thursday July 8, 2021

UltraPlay at the iGB XP Esports and Gambling Podcast

UltraPlay CEO Mario Ovcharov talks to the Head of Esports William Harding in the latest iGB XP Esports and Gambling Podcast.

They discussed a lot about eSports and its future development:

Personal connection with eSports

UltraPlay and eSports. A long history! From the moment UltraPlay started offering eSports in 2014, through the early days of the journey.  What attracted Mario personally to the esports sector? What was it like for him in the early days convincing staff, clients, family/ friends that eSports was going to be the next big deal?

Esports and pandemic

Esport betting recognition has really taken off since last year. What was the impact on the business at UltraPlay? Is this artificial growth or has the dam burst for the iGaming sector?

Payment tech – crypto, blockchain, and eSports

UltraPlay adopted bitcoin and other cryptos in the company’s payment solutions, and what was the reason behind this decision.  How do blockchain technology and crypto help connect clients to the eSports bettor? Why do eSports and crypto go together so well?

Growth markets

Which markets are going to boom next for eSports betting and why? E.g. South American and why?

Crystal ball

Esports betting in 5-10 years. Predictions.

You can listen Mario Ovcharov, CEO UltraPlay at iGB XP Esports and Gambling Podcast here

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