Wednesday June 17, 2020


TVBET and UltraPlay joined forces to make cutting-edge TV games more accessible to the end customer

The recent growing popularity of live betting products among players helped TVBET to draw the attention of modern technology company UltraPlay, with the result that the parties entered into a cooperation agreement. From now on, the full B2B provider’s portfolio added to the platform’s offering.

Due to recent events in the gaming industry, more and more customers, especially, betting punters were eager to wagering. At the same time, with similar betting mechanics, lotteries and card games by TVBET have become a true alternative to sporting events for a great number of people throughout the world. Now, they are gradually becoming loyal fans of games like Poker, Joker, Backgammon, WheelBet, 1Bet, and others.

To strengthen the presence of its products, TVBET teamed up with UltraPlay – another strong player on the iGaming market. Since the launch in 2010, UltraPlay has become a trusted partner for delivering superior sports software and odds products to its customers. The company’s expertise applies to sports and eSports betting, live betting, white-label, online casino, and blockchain technology.

Accordingly, all the existing partners of UltraPlay can now make requests on integrating TV games to their set of products both digital and land-based. TVBET also states that additional promotion and technical support of its 11 live-games to the clients are provided at no cost. Unlike its competitors, the TVBET team offers a full spectrum of supported promo tools, such as multi-level jackpots, bonuses, and cashback.

“We are thrilled to cooperate with such an experienced company as UltraPlay. Through our common efforts, we can definitely strengthen our position in target markets”, – said Peter Korpusenko, CEO TVBET. “It is very heartening that our broadcast products become widely beloved throughout the globe, and we must maintain the quality at the highest level”.

Mario Ovcharov, CEO of UltraPlay has commented: “We continuously grow our casino product portfolio with thrilling and high-quality games, such as TVBET’s offering. Their constant innovation and top-shelf content created a tremendous demand in the industry. With adding TVBET to our turn-key platform, we go beyond expectations from the company’s online betting partners.”



TVBET is a world’s leading provider of live-games offering a fully customizable games’ integration for bookmakers and casinos in order to support their growth and development in a competitive market. Since its launch in 2016, TVBET’s major idea is to create and then maintain a top-shelf and up-to-date content for partners that will literally «glue» any player to their computer’s, tv’s or smartphone’s screen. Operators crew of TVBET are diligently conducting the technical aspect to pursue a high-quality «picture» and sound of broadcasting, while charming hosts make every player stay interested in the continuation of the game as long as possible. TVBET products are certified by GLI which confirms randomness of the results. Currently, the award-winning provider operates 11 unique live-games available worldwide 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.