Friday April 12, 2019


UltraPlay aiming to repeat success from Global Tech Summit Technology Awards 2018.

In 2018, UltraPlay won three accolades from the Global Tech Summit Technology Awards: Innovative product of the year for, Software Developer of the year taken by Kamen Todorov, as well as CEO of the year given to Mario Ovcharov. It’s time to take a look back at these achievements and prepare for this year’s GTS Technology Awards.

gts awards

The award-winning product – – is an unrivaled eSports betting solution, providing a broad selection of live and pre-match odds on the widest range of eSports titles available for the iGaming brands on the global betting market right now. After getting the “Innovative product of the year” accolade in 2018, UltraPlay’s team continue innovating. Now, is further enhanced and the newly presented live betting model covers:

-28 eSports titles, amongst are the Golden Trio (CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2) as well as StarCraft II, Overwatch, PUBG, the newly introduced Madden NFL and Magic: The Gathering, etc.)

-Up to 200 live markets on CS:GO (where most of the bets are placed by the eSports punters)

-2500+ in-play events monthly

-Enlarged number of live markets for all games (not just match winner)

-Specific in-game objectives markets


Kamen Todorov, a Software Developer at UltraPlay, won the “Developer of the year” award in 2018. When Kamen accepted the award, he said- “I am thankful to my colleagues at UltraPlay, because without them I wouldn’t be who I am”. Recently, he shared in an interview for one of the leading news media channels in Bulgaria that this accomplishment, along with others, motivates him to get to new milestones with UltraPlay. Kamen also added: “UltraPlay is my second employer in the IT sector, and I could say that everything I’ve learned and achieved, I’ve done so here.”

gts awards

Global Tech Summit Technology Awards’ “CEO of the year” was given to UltraPlay’s CEO – Mario Ovcharov.  “This year we are aiming for even more innovations, more markets, more exhibitions to visit, and of course, more well-deserved industry awards”- commented Mario.


UltraPlay is looking forward to the GTS Technology Awards this year again.