Monday March 6, 2023


UltraPlay announces partnership with Revoada and Apolo Bet

UltraPlay, part of ODDS Group, struck a deal with online operators Revoada and Apolo Bet, expanding its reach to South America and its gaming audience. The agreement was signed at the end of 2022.

Commenting on the agreement, Mario Ovcharov, CEO of UltraPlay, said, “It’s our mission to provide our partners with the best possible white label solution that can distinguish them from the rest of the market. We offer a stress-free, seamless, and transparent process, all while sticking to rapid deployment.”

Thanks to their white-label solution, Revoada and Apolo Bet gain access to a specifically tailored platform, complemented by customer and technical support, licensing, and payment processing services. 

Latin America is expected to soon become home to one of the fastest-developing gambling markets. With most countries as attractive gaming destinations and the rest reforming their gambling regulations, Latin America holds immense potential for the world of gaming.

As diverse as the region, each country presents different casino, betting, and lottery regulations. With a forecasted gross gaming revenue being triple the amount reported in 2019, South America presents suppliers, providers, and operators with an incredible opportunity for growth. 

“We’re very thrilled about the continuous expansion of our customer network in the region. This is yet another exciting step in the right direction,” Ovcharov added.


About UltraPlay:

UltraPlay is a multi-awarded betting provider, founded in 2010, offering a turn-key iGaming platform to online operators worldwide. The company focuses on sports and eSports betting, live betting, white-label, online casino, and blockchain technology.

Assembled by a team of iGaming professionals with vast experience in betting product development, operations, eSports, and marketing, UltraPlay is a trusted partner for delivering superior sports betting software and odds products to its customers.

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