Tuesday January 29, 2019

SiGMA 2018

Calvin Ayre TV: CEO, Mario Ovcharov, at SiGMA ’18

Calvin Ayre TV chose UltraPlay for one of the special interviews they took during SiGMA – iGaming Malta, 2018! Our CEO, Mario Ovcharov, spoke in front of the camera.


“Exhibitor Ultraplay was one of the pioneers in the space for adopting Bitcoin in 2011 and combining this with their eSports offerings way before the Bitcoin bubble and eSports craze. CEO Mario Ovcharov shared how doing this ahead has opened many doors for their company. He added, “Crypto is a big part of our ecosystem and mindset in general.”– Commented Calvin Ayre TV.


Check out the full SiGMA 2018 Day 2 Summary by CalvinAyre.com here.

Wednesday November 22, 2023

In a thrilling culmination to 2023, UltraPlay proudly secured the prestigious title of eSports Product of the Year at the annual BEGE Awards this November. Our CEO, Mario Ovcharov was present to receive the accolade and personally express our gratitude to the industry for recognizing our achievements. This recognition stands as a testament to our […]

Friday November 17, 2023

EventsMario Ovcharov UltraPlay CEONews

nale to our bustling year, providing a strategic platform where we diligently worked on strengthening existing partnerships and exploring collaborative opportunities with esteemed industry colleagues.

Thursday November 2, 2023


UltraPlay, a leading provider of betting solutions, is at the forefront of transforming the iGaming industry with its Sportsbook betting iFrame solution.