Tuesday May 7, 2019


UltraPlay is shortlisted in 3 categories in the EGR B2B Awards 2019

EGR Shortlisted


Esports betting supplier

Started offering pre-match and live odds on eSports back in 2014, UltraPlay has built its reputation and expertise to believe that eSports can advance the process for many operators who want to catch and fully use the new slice of the betting market. UltraPlay’s eSports betting suite covers 28 of the most played, thrilling and engaging eSports titles, 3000+ events monthly and up to 200 live markets on CS:GO, where most of the bets are placed by the eSports punters.

In-play betting software

Live betting on eSports was once considered unreliable and risky. It takes a lot of knowledge and experience in order to grasp the trends and transform them into a profitable business. Not only because there are multiple variables, for example in DOTA 2 there are 500 in-game variables, but also the dynamics are much bigger than in regular sports. Now, this is possible because of UltraPlay’s Hybrid eSports live betting model – a complex mixture of Artificial Intelligence and human traders’ interaction. Soon, the company’s Hybrid eSports live betting model will ensure for the eSports live markets to be open for up to 3 times longer than its competition. So, punters won’t have to face the problem of closed markets shortly after the beginning of the game. This opportunity is granted by the exceptional mechanism of a human trader making the key decisions, and the AI maintaining the balance of the odds.

White label partner

UltraPlay provides a customized betting white label solution that aligns with the needs of the Millenials and the future generations. The company offers scalable, multi-tier architecture which supports high-volume, high-traffic operators. It serves perfectly to online gambling operators across the globe and answers their requirements.. UltraPlay completely customizes the look and feel of the client’s website, and provides customer support, payment processing, and gambling license.


The EGR B2B Awards aim to reward and celebrate the best service providers in the online gaming industry. The Awards Ceremony will take place on the evening of 25 June 2019 in London.