Friday April 24, 2020


UltraPlay reports a record-breaking increase in eSports betting

Advanced betting solutions provider UltraPlay has reported a record-breaking increase in the eSports betting volume and turnover after COVID-19 hit the sports sector.

The company has reported a 500% turnover growth since mid-March 2020 compared to an average yearly increase of 30% by the end of 2019. Bets’ growth, including the number of bets, reached 450% growth for the same period. There is a 22% increase in the number of bets per player daily, according to UltraPlay. The reported data is accumulated by the coverage of 34 eSports, 16 of them offered with live odds on the leading eSportsbooks powered by UltraPlay.

With traditional sports events canceled or postponed, eSports stepped up and offered many new opportunities for its fans and bettors. UltraPlay increased its CS:GO events by 15%, all offered with pre-match and live odds, while Dota 2 events’ coverage was increased by 20%. League of Legends continues to be offered with its previous number of events. By the end of 2019, LoL recorded a turnover increase of over 65%. The three main eSports titles continue to be responsible for 60% of the betting volume, but this percentage is gradually going down due to a recent spike in interest in sports simulators.

UltraPlay also reports another promising trend related to the games that simulate sports such as football, basketball, and hockey – FIFA, NBA2K, and NHL. Due to the gap in the sports bettors’ previous choices, there is an increase in FIFA’s and NBA2K’s percentage in the overall eSports betting turnover.

These titles are offered with an enormous amount of events by UltraPlay’s eSports trading department on a weekly basis. According to UltraPlay, FIFA breaks records compared with the period before COVID-19 with 1500 events weekly, 90% of which are offered in-play on the provider’s clients, where NBA2K comes with over 500 events, all of them offered with live odds. UltraPlay also offers more than 250 NHL events weekly, 70% of those going live. Overall, UltraPlay covers over 3500 events weekly, 90% of them with live odds.

Peter Ivanov, Head of Trading at UlraPlay commented: “We believe eSports could be the profitable alternative to many sportsbooks looking for a solution at the moment. And it won’t be a short-term solution; rather it will gain more power in the next following months and years. From the data we collected since mid-March, we are certain that the eSports potential will be further released.

He added: “Esports is the next generation of bettors’ way of entertainment and operators need to make this leap forward as soon as possible.”

UltraPlay has also announced an increased interest in its eSports betting solution ODDS.GG from many leading online operators now looking to expand into eSports. The multi-awarded product ODDS.GG has an easy-to-use infrastructure and integration process through its API key.

The B2B betting provider started offering eSports pre-match and live odds back in 2014, where the sector was less known and risky. For the past 6 years, the company has enhanced its offering to 34 titles, 16 of them covered with live odds. On a monthly basis, UltraPlay offers 6000+ events with pre-match odds as well as 5500+ events with live odds. The eSports punters can choose from more than 200 markets on most of the games.

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