Tuesday May 19, 2020

UltraPlay takes active participation at the online conferences and discussions

UltraPlay’s Head of eSports and Sports Trading Peter Ivanov took part in the Mare Malticum Gaming Summit, which was held online on May 7th, 2020. Below is one of the highlights he made during the panel discussion Esports is taking over:

“The perception of eSports is shifting, because of the current situation. The main reason is that eSports has always been a niche market, but it’s big now and it’s getting bigger. The main shift came from the actual sports that have been stopped.

From now on we’ll be dealing with two completely different types of customers. One of them will be profound gamers or eSports people who really have the knowledge. At the same time you’ll have the casual sports viewers who already know about the existence of eSports – FIFA, NBA2k, NHL , and all the other sports simulators.

We are looking at eSports moving onto another level where is catering for people from two completely different groups. We need to learn how to approach both of them when traditional sports come back on board.”

A full video of the online discussion is available here.

Another online discussion was held with the participation of UltraPlay’s CMO Lyubomira Petrova. SiGMA TV organized a panel discussion about Boosting Sales – iGaming Marketing & PR from B2B to B2C. See how can B2B and B2B Gaming companies boost their sales using PR and marketing. And how eSports keep us busy now.

Among the highlights Lyubomira made were:

“As a leading eSports betting provider, it’s no surprise that when COVID-19 shutdown the sports events globally, operators and all stakeholders started looking for alternative betting verticals. esports is actually one of them. it became shortly a buzzword, and many operators are looking for our eSports betting solution ODDS.GG. Moreover, we see a great interest from the industry’s events that are now happening online”

“Esports is becoming a mainstream in the next following months and years. In terms of our eSports trading department, I can say they are pretty busy at the moment. We are constantly adding new events. For example in CS:GO we increased the events by 15%. We recorded a tremendous increase in the betting turnover with 500% wherein the previous year it was just 30%.”

A full video of the online discussion is available here.


UltraPlay’s team was actively participating in online discussions at SBC Digital Summit, Mare Balticum Gaming Summit, ICE North America Digital as well as many other networking opportunities that are now happening online.