Wednesday October 7, 2020

UltraPlay’s innovative approach

Innovation is something you create before the need for it was born. That’s why it’s so risky in the beginning. When UltraPlay started offering eSports back in 2014, it was perceived as that – unreliable and risky, as we were the first in many ways. Now eSports is no longer perceived as a niche gambling vertical, and has shown the entire industry its great potential especially during COVID-19 and the lack of sports events over the past few months, said Lyubomira Petrova, CMO at UltraPlay during European Gaming Congress, that was held online in October. Petrova was part of the panel discussion Latest industry innovation and how the industry has adapted to current times, together with other professionals from the iGaming industry.

The panel highlighted the industry’s product innovation and enhanced user experience and places these two in the cornerstone of every business, which wants to stay relevant and go a few steps ahead of the market demand.

In terms of innovations that have been key this year acquisition and retention wise, Petrova pointed out eSports as the main driving force for sportsbooks during these past few months.

Sports punters shifted quickly towards eSports – another testimonial for the great potential it holds. UltraPlay continues to record a great interest. For example, the company’s trading team is experiencing unprecedented levels of bets on the first to return live major tournament – League of Legends Worlds. This was the first big eSports live tournament to return in 6 months and the entire viewership as well as betting on it sky rocked.

Esports betting continues to grow exponentially, does a perfect job in terms of player acquisition and retention. The key reason for that is its main audience – the new generation of bettors, who tend to prefer more skill or knowledge based-gambling.

Differentiation is definitely something that will be thought after by most of the organizations in the industry. And it’s not a result only by the current times; it’s a way of perceiving a brand by the users for many years. Especially in the gambling industry, players seek entertainment and it comes in many different ways, some prefer online casino games, others bet on sports, we are now in the days when the new cohort of players are coming – the younger generation where they like a skill or knowledge-based gaming.