Wednesday November 22, 2023

UltraPlay Recognized as eSports Product of the Year at the Annual BEGE Awards

In a thrilling culmination to 2023, UltraPlay proudly secured the prestigious title of eSports Product of the Year at the annual BEGE Awards this November. Our CEO, Mario Ovcharov was present to receive the accolade and personally express our gratitude to the industry for recognizing our achievements. This recognition stands as a testament to our relentless dedication and innovation in the eSports domain throughout the year.

Grateful to the iGaming industry for recognizing our strive for innovation!
Grateful to the iGaming industry for recognizing our strive for innovation!

UltraPlay is a multi-awarded betting provider part of ODDS Group, offering a wide range of iGaming solutions. Whether you’re looking for implementations such as a Sports and eSports solution or on the search of a platform provider, we are your best bet. UltraPlay stands at the forefront of the eSports betting sector, having been among the initial trailblazers in exploring and transforming the market. The company’s achievements stem from its unwavering commitment to providing top-notch software solutions and odds services to its partners. With a team of seasoned iGaming experts, UltraPlay brings extensive experience in the development of betting products and operational processes.

We’ve proved time and time again that we’re dedicated to the eSports betting solution field. Notably, UltraPlay stands out as the pioneer in our industry, venturing into eSports betting solutions long before others. This foresight has not only distinguished us but has also propelled the entire industry forward. The BEGE Awards serve as a validation of our commitment to pushing boundaries, exploring new frontiers, and consistently delivering cutting-edge solutions in the competitive world of eSports.

The journey to this award was marked by numerous milestones and strategic decisions. Our team’s unwavering focus on innovation has positioned UltraPlay as a leader in the eSports landscape. This achievement further strengthens our resolve to continue pushing the envelope, setting new benchmarks, and contributing to the evolution of eSports technology.

As we reflect on this remarkable year, the BEGE Award serves as a milestone, but it’s just one chapter in our story. The dedication of the entire UltraPlay team, coupled with the support of our clients, has propelled us to new heights. With an eye on the future, we eagerly anticipate the opportunities and challenges that 2024 will bring.

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Tuesday February 20, 2024


UltraPlay, a leading iGaming provider, was recently awarded with Esports Innovator of the Year at the annual International Gaming Awards. The event was held at the beginning of February at the prestigious Savoy Hotel. Mario Ovcharov, CEO, was present to receive the award and express the company’s gratitude.

Wednesday February 14, 2024

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As a leading casino platform provider, UltraPlay offers valuable insights into what constitutes a truly exceptional online casino. With over 10 years of experience in the iGaming industry and a collection of awards, we understand the nuances that elevate a casino platform from good to great. At UltraPlay, we partner with top-tier operators, supplying them with advanced iGaming software customized to meet their unique needs. Here’s our perspective on the key elements that make a great casino.

Tuesday January 23, 2024

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As the creator of the first crypto casino back in the early 2010’s, UltraPlay has gathered extensive industry knowledge and insights on the topic. Crypto casinos are not only redefining online gambling but also offering unprecedented opportunities for entrepreneurs. As you consider venturing into this domain, understanding the intricacies of crypto casinos becomes vital. This comprehensive guide aims to unfold the layers of crypto casinos, their operational dynamics, and their burgeoning prominence in the online gambling world.